Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce the word “fête”?

  1. Say the word “fat”.

  2. Now replace the a with an e. (Try pronouncing the word as if it were written “Fet”)

  3. Congrats!! You can now speak French.

What does your name mean?

The dictionary definition of the word Fête means a festival or celebration that honors someone lavishly. We thought that was fitting of what we are trying to do.

Then we wanted a well designed space that was also functional. There is a popular term in the design world know as, “Form and Function”. It basically meant that the way something looks is just as important as it also being functional. Our company is just a play on words of this popular designer phrase. Hence Fête + Function was created!

How big is the space? How many people can it hold?

Fête + Function was created with the desire to fulfill the need for smaller events. Not every occasion requires a 200 person venue and the price tag that comes along with it. Our space is set up in a lounge style atmosphere and the main room can hold 50 people comfortably.

Can I come early to set up / decorate?

Unfortunately, no. Your time slot that you have selected will need to include your set up and tear down time within that time block. You may NOT enter early or stay late to set up or tear down. You also may not begin setting up while the cleaning crew is cleaning before your event. They need time and space to do their jobs effectively for you. If you need to add on extra hours, please contact a coordinator and they will be happy to assist you the best they can in purchasing additional time.

Is there a kitchen for me to cook food in?

No, there is not. Although we totally admire your culinary skills, this is a party! Take the day off and let someone else do the cooking. Get the food catered in or get with us about using one of our preferred caterers.

Do I have to use your vendors or may I bring in outside food?

It’s your event so feel free to use whatever vendor, restaurant, or caterer you like.

Is smoking allowed in the space?

Nope. Sorry, we are a smoke free facility.