Terms + Conditions

Below are the general terms and conditions that are agreed upon by Fête + Function with you, the client. By booking this venue and paying a deposit for the space, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Fête + Function, Fête + Function’s landlord, the owner of the property where the Facility is located as well as their respective members, employees, and agents harmless of and from any and all damages, losses, costs, liabilities, penalties, or expenses arising out, relating to, or resulting from the Client’s use of the Facility (including any guest of Client or member of Client’s group) , including but not limited to, any injury or death to person(s), and any damage to Client’s property.

In the event that Fête + Function initiates legal action for anything arising our of or relating to this Agreement, including action to enforce the terms of this Agreement, Fête + Function shall be entitled to recover, all reasonable attorney fees, court fees, and costs of suit including all collection expenses and interest due if ruling is in favor of Fête + Function.


  • Your use of our facilities and services shall be compliant with the national, local, federal and municipal laws and regulations.

  • All set up and tear down must be completed within the time frame that you selected. You may not enter early or stay late to set up or tear down.

  • All children MUST be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older.

  • This is a non-smoking facility and you will ensure that you and your guest will refrain from smoking within the building.

  • The sale of alcohol without proper City of Pearland permits and licensing it strictly prohibited. The host will ensure that all guests drinking alcohol at the event are of legal age to do so.

  • Fireworks, explosives, and loose glitter are all items that are prohibited by this venue. Candles are allowed if enclosed in a lantern. Birthday Candles on cakes are also allowed.

  • All hanging decorative items must be fixed to the wall with masking tape, scotch tape, or any other type of adhesive that will not leave a residue on the wall and/or result in paint being removed. Thumbtacks, nails, staples, and screws are all prohibited when hanging decorative items.

  • All decor and/or other items you wish to keep must be removed and taken with you upon exit. Anything left after your departure immediately becomes property of Fête + Function and will be disposed of during the clean up services after your event.

  • All decorative items provided by Fête + Function are property of Fête + Function and are required to remain in the venue at all times. You have the right to ask your coordinator for an inventory checklist at the beginning of your event and sign off that the pieces we provided are actually present. Any missing or damaged items at the end of your event will be deducted from your security deposit. Any damages over what your security deposit covers will be billed to you and sent to collections if unpaid.

  • You understand that clean up services are offered POST event, and are not during your event. Anything you need cleaned up during the event (i.e: trash that needs to be disposed of during the event) will be your responsibility.

  • Clean up services do NOT include the clean up of bodily fluids of any kind. (i.e: blood, vomit, urine, etc) Clean up of any type of bodily fluid will result in an immediate $200 charge.

  • Trash may not be left in the parking lot or the surrounding areas of the building / dumpster. We highly recommend leaving your trash bags in the side room and letting the cleaning team dispose of them properly at the end of your event.

  • Our staff is here to help you the best way they possibly can. However, they are not there to serve as cleaning crew, serving crew, bartending crew. Mistreatment of any staff member is prohibited. If you are displeased with the service that they provide please contact us directly at Contact@FeteandFunctionHTX.com

  • We reserve the right to refuse service and ask you and/or your guests to leave if they are not cooperating with the terms set forth in this agreement.

You understand that violations of the above mentioned may result in loss of all or part of your security deposit.


You understand that the deposit is 50% of the total charge and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits are due at time of booking to reserve and hold the time slot. 

The day before your event, you understand and agree that your card will be charged a security deposit of $200 for weekday events (Monday - Thursday), and $400 for weekend events (Friday - Sunday) or a holiday reservation. This charge is to be held in case of damages incurred to the venue building, space, or property as a result of you or your guests. This charge is a “hold and release" and funds will be released the day after the party once the space is assessed and we determine that there are no damages resulting from your use of the space. Any damages found will be deducted from your security deposit. Anything that is valued at more than the cost of your security deposit will be billed to you, and if unpaid, sent to collections. 


Your entire balance is due no later than 7 days before your event. If the invoice is not paid in full 7 days before your event, Fête + Function reserves the right to cancel your reservation and you will forfeit the 50% deposit that you have put down as damages recouped by Fête + Function when taking your time slot off of the market for your event. 

You may cancel your event up to 7 days before your event, however you will forfeit the 50% deposit that was paid. If you have already paid your entire balance, we will refund 50% if canceled 7 days before your event. If canceled less then 7 days before your event, you will not be entitled to a refund. 

In both of these cases, we strive to be fair. If there is an obvious error on our end, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right.  

Fête + Function reserves the right to cancel your event due to acts of God or terrorism and will issue a refund in these cases.


We will make every effort to keep the party going. If you and your guests are having the time of your life and would like to extend your party time, we will accommodate this request to the best of our abilities at an hourly rate of what you were charged. This hourly rate is due immediately.

If for whatever reason, we can not extend the time of your reservation beyond what you have booked it for, we must insist that you and your guest leave the premises at the pre-agreed upon time. At the end of the event, your coordinator will remind you that your time has expired and give you a ten minute grace period to vacate the space. Ten minutes past the end of the reservation time, you will begin to get charged overage fees at a rate of 3x the hourly rate.


We have made every effort to represent the true and most accurate color and appearance of our products on this website. However, computer monitors and individual perception and just plain human error vary from screen to screen and person to person. We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the space, however we will not be held responsible for discrepancies over shades and/or colors, size, etc. Sometimes due to damages or safety reasons, we must substitute some items out for others. We can not guarantee exact recreations or duplications from one event to another.  We can not be held liable to you or any third party for damages. Again, we will make every effort to make sure everything is as accurate as possible for you. 


Fête + Function reserves the right to showcase your party/meeting/event as part of our portfolio or for advertising and marketing purposes, which may include, but is not limited to our webpage, social media, flyers, etc. If you prefer that Fête + Function does not use your logo, photos, or images, we will remove the images once notified in writing.

All of the Fête + Function website layouts, verbiage, design, images and graphics are the property of Fête + Function and can not be used or duplicated without the express written permission of Fête + Function.